General Administrative work $35-$45 per hour

Mid-Level Technical Administrative work – $45-$60 per hour

High End Technical Work $65-$100 or more per hour


Working by the hour is viewed as dollars for time and not dollars for value.

Ask your virtual professional to create a package for they type of work you need done.

The value in packaged rates is in reaching a specific goal as opposed to paying just for time.

Here are EXAMPLES of packages. Note that most are custom packages created after
speaking to a client and determining specific business needs.

Email Marketing Starter Package- $239
CRM Starter Package – $239
CRM Follow Up & Follow Through – $529
Admin Support – $399
WordPress Management – $69
Book Me! Calendar Management & Scheduling Package – $769

Here is one example of a Basic Social Media Package* (if interested if this Dream Team Virtual, please contact me)

$147 set up & $1400 (3 mos) or $500/ month
The Basic Package is a mini service offering that’s perfect for an upcoming small business, blogger or entrepreneurs that needs just a little bit of assistance throughout the month.The package will provide you with 1-2 status updates/day on 2-3 networks, deleting of unwanted spam, accepting friend requests/following back & basic profile management

*Rates are individual based on length of experience, level of experience and skill sets.

How to pay your virtual

While I do not handle payment plans for virtuals I recommend, I do offer advice based upon my years as a virtual assistant.

This is my preferred way to set up payments with virtuals:

Project Work
1) Pay a 50% deposit up front
2) Pay remaining amount with work completed
3)  Always work with a contract

Ongoing, Long-Term Work
1)  Pay a 50% deposit
2)  Pay a retainer package rate up front and one month in advance
3)  No rollover hours
4)  Work with a contract