Just yesterday, I reported about county vehicles parked in the student drop-off area forcing parents to drive around county vans blocking the entry into the school.

Lo’ and behold, today’s drop off was blocked by charter buses and yet another county van!

Parents have to double park to let students out on blocked crosswalk

It doesn’t matter that parents need to double-park around charter buses to safely drop off students who must then exit and walk in front of charter buses to enter school.

The student cross walk was blocked by the lead charter bus.

And to top that off, yet another county vehicle must park in the student drop-off area as well behind the charter buses.

County van parked in student drop off zone in back of charter buses. Let's make the student drop off one BIG parking lot!

Let’s just make the student drop-off one BIG parking lot!

Charter buses in student drop off zone at BCMS

Are we not supposed to drop our students off curbside?

And to think that there is a bus loop located directly next to the north side of the school which is specifically designed for bus drop off and pick up. Using the bus loop would not interfere with ‘regular’ drop-off and will help to keep the traffic flowing. Why won’t BCMS administration use the bus loop?

Why not leave charter buses in the actual parking lot until such time when student drop off has commenced?

Why isn’t someone from BCMS out there to help?

At Manatee School for the Arts the teachers take turns on ‘bus duty’. I know that Virgil Mills teachers alternate bus duty. Why can’t BCMS do the same?

Someone answer my questions…am I wrong?

Entrance to BCMS blocked by charter buses


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