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I recommend Janine most highly for her work as a virtual assistant. I hired Janine to design a website for me, using Word Press, and she did a great job. I’m very pleased with the final product. She has also taught me about posting a blog and using social media to enhance my business. Janine provides a very good value for my money, and has really helped me to think differently about my business.

Dr. Ellen Glovsky,

Motivational Interviewing Coach, Registered Dietitian, Professor, Training With Dr. Ellen

Once you have Janine on your team, she’ll keep her eyes open for opportunities to promote your business and keep your name out in the world. She’s excellent at meeting deadlines and taking care of the details. Janine did good work for me when I needed it.

Jill Nussinow

Coach, Speaker, Consultant, Registered Dietitian, Author "The Veggie Queen", The Veggie Queen

I was referred to Janine by a colleague for a project that I wanted completed right away. From the beginning she was attentive, patient, hard-working, and never gave up on my project or me even when unexpected complications arose. She explained her work clearly and researched resources on-line to answer my many questions. She asked for my approval before proceeding and was extremely fair and cost-effective. I highly recommend Janine and I will definitely request her services in the future.

Holly A. Hunt, PhD

Job Role, Speaker, Psychologist, Author of "Emotional Exorcism: Expelling the Four Psychological Demons That Make Us Backslide" (Praeger, 2009) & "Essentials of Private Practice" (W.W. Norton, 2005)

It is because of Janine that you are reading this recommendation. Before Janine, I had explored social media and quickly put it in a place for later. Janine has demonstrated to me her expertise in business marketing, writing, and particularly the best parts and use of social media, where I was lacking. Janine was a quick study, learning what she needed about my area of expertise, eminent domain. She has taught me, showed me, nudged me, and has done it for me when it comes to navigating through and using the important social media sites. I am excited about my new marketing strategy that wouldn’t have happened without Janine. I strongly recommend Janine as a virtual assistant and look forward to continuing our work together. The fact that we are 3,000 miles apart doesn’t make a bit of difference except that she now has her eyes on the east side for me.

Martyn Daniel

Eminent Domain, Company

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